Alexandre Angel

IT Manager


2, boulevard Lucien Favre
64075 Pau Cedex

+33(0)559 059 085


École Internationale en Science du Traitement de l'Information (EISTI)

Current Scientific Activity


I am working on virtualized environment. Since 3 years ago, a partnership has been built with VMWARE to provide a private cloud to our engineer students. In 2011 we started the process of server’s and computer’s automatic deployment. Today, most of our environment can be deploy in few minutes.

Managing different systems, providing services to students and employees with mixed needs and securities issues : VPN, Web servers, File servers, Backups, Routing, etc

Summary of Professional Achievments 

As a system and network security Engineer, I started to work in EISTI as a system administrator in 2005. Meanwhile I taught to EISTI students from 2005 to 2011 the following courses : Network programming, System administration and security to master students, Shell programming to junior years. Most of my work has been to automate our infrastructure.

From 2008, we started to use automatic install using FAI to deploy without our intervention over 80 computer in one time. Since 2011, we adopt Puppet to induce the scale in our infrastructure. From small test to big project, we are able to perform with our reduce team which is the main aim of cloud computing today : The ability to scale during time without re thinking everything.

Mobility across Thematic Areas

Cloud computing, vCloud, Openstack, Puppet, FAI, Monitoring.

Geographic Mobility

Africa, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Europe : Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Switzerland