Eleonora Luppi

Professor – Head of the Ferrara Unit of TORUS Erasmus+

Università di Ferrara

Via G. Saragat 1
44122 Ferrara FE

+39 0532 974263


University of Ferrara

Current Scientific Activity


My research activities focused to the investigation of Particle Physics and Distributed Computing for experimental Physics.

Study of the decay of B mesons, flavor physics and searches for new physics beyond the Standard Model are the Physics main topics during my last ten years, spent in international collaborations (BaBar, LHCb) at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and CERN. For the BaBar experiment I coordinated the grid computing activities, including the development of the infrastructures for Monte Carlo production and data analysis using European, Canadian, and U.S. distributed resources.

I have an interdisciplinary approach and I consider very important technology transfer and research training of young people. For this reason I work in a multi-disciplinary contest dealing with different, but related, topics as data analysis for experimental Physics, Monte Carlo simulation, strong interactions physics, Computer science, Distributed computing and application of new technologies (in Medicine, Environmental Science etc).

Summary of Professional Achievments 

Full Professor of Experimental Physics of Fundamental Interactions at the Department of Physics and Earth Science of the University of Ferrara, My scientific activity was held mainly in the study of Particle Physics but I also have promoted the advancement of scientific computing technologies and new methodologies that can address the ever-increasing need for computing and processing of large amount of data in Physics and many other scientific fields.

Since mid-nineties I lead the research group of Ferrara in the field of computing for high energy physics.

Since 2000, I have participated, with roles of responsibility, in many initiatives focused on development of distributed computing and new software technologies for High Energy Physics.

Mobility across Thematic Areas

Physics – Experimental apparatus – Detector development – Data Analysis – Monte Carlo Simulation – Distributed systems – Grid Computing – Medical Physics (health area) – cloud computing – Big Data.

Geographic Mobility

CERN – Geneve (CH), FERMILAB – Chicago (USA), LNF – Frascati (IT), SLAC – Stanford (USA)