Lay Heng

Head of Depatment of Information and Communication Engineering

Institute of Technology of Cambodia,

PO Box 86, Russian Conf. Blvd.
Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

+855 (0)23 880 370


Institute of Technology of Cambodia

Current Scientific Activity


Steadily get involve in Natural Language Processing (Khmer)

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Automatic Speech Recognitions
  • Text To Speech
  • Machine Translation
  • Document Classification
  • Semantic Khmer Document Search Engine

Summary of Professional Achievments 

2014-Present: Head of Department of Information and Communication Engineering
2014-Present: Project Manager of School Management Information System of ITC, funded by ARES-CCD
2014-2015 : Sub-Project Manager of research grant on Khmer Language Processing Tools, funded by World Bank
2013-Present: Advisor of e-Learning Center of ITC through project ASEAN Cyber University supported by KOICA

Mobility across Thematic Areas

Natural Language Processing, Optical Character Recognition, Automatic Speech Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Semantic Search Engine, Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligence

Geographic Mobility

France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark
Korean, Thailand, Philippine, Vietnam