Le Chien Thang

Dr Architect - Director

Institute of International Training and Cooperation
Hanoi Architectural University

Hanoi, Vietnam

+84(0) 24 385 443 18


Hanoi Architectural University (HAU)

Current Scientific Activity


  • Director, Institute of International Training and Cooperation, Hanoi Achitectural University
  • Lecturer of Faculty of Architecture, Hanoi Achitectural University
  • Visiting lecturer of foreign schools such as Chulalongkorn (Thailand); instructor of master degree

Summary of Professional Achievments 

In 2005, I received my Ph.D in major History of Architecture at the Institute of Architectural History and Heritage Conservation, Vienna University of Technology, Austria. I have worked as lecturer at faculty of Architecture at Hanoi Architectural University (HAU) since 2005.

In 2010, I was nominated Vice Director of Institut of Tropical Architecture in Hanoi Architectural University. From 2014, I became Director of Institute of International Training and Cooperation of Hanoi Architectural University.

Mobility across Thematic Areas

History of Architecture , Architecture, International Training and Cooperation

Geographic Mobility

Europe (France, Poland, Austria, Spain, UK…); Asia (Japan, Korea, Singapore, Lao PDR, Thailand); Africa (Maroc); America (USA)