Nguyen Tri Quang Hung


Nong Lam University – Ho Chi Minh City
Linh Trung ward, Thu Duc district, HCMC



Nong Lam University (NLU)

Current Scientific Activity


I was trained (M.Eng from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and D.Sc from Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea) and currently focused on air pollution issues and their interaction with climate change. However, as an environmental engineer, my works now are related to widely environmental issues as water and waste water treatment, sewerage design, climate change, environmental impact assessment (EIA) and independent expertise.

In university work, I am teaching 03 courses at bachelor level and 01 course in both M.Sc and PhD level. My lectures were all related to my expertise in air pollution. Currently, I am running 02 projects which were funded by USA and Korea government. It would be helpful to built linkage between air pollution science with policy making processes in HoChiMinh city where is occupied huge citizens and materials of Vietnam. In this moment, biological aerosol issues is my core study.

Summary of Professional Achievments 

My studies were spent in the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) for my M. Eng degree to work on treated PCBs and other POPs as co-fueling in cement kiln while my PhD dissertation in Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Korea was focused on ultrafine particulate mater which is lesser than 0.1 micrometer in diameter. Over 06 years in both Thailand and Korea, I am co-working with air pollution group in AIT, Thailand (leaded by Prof. Kim Oanh) to conducted PCBs/POPs in cement kiln and then BTEX/ fine particulate matters project while other projects on Black carbon, ultrafine particle matter and its impacts to human health’s in Korea. Thanks for donors in both Master and PhD level, I were archived some awards and grants such as Invited speaker for 17th Conference of Japan Society of Environmental Chemistry, 2008; and Best Poster Award of Korea Association for Particle and Aerosol Research (KAPAR),2010; Exchange travel grant 2011 and KIST Alumni projects in year 2014 and 2015. In joined with AIT team, I am participated some projects as AIT-HCM Hazardous Chemical Management (2006-2008) , PEER-NSF co-benefit research network (2012-2015).

Mobility across Thematic Areas

Agriculture waste: Energy and environment; – Air quality and climate change; – Short-lived climate forcing pollutants and co-benefit analysis for emission reduction of black carbon and its impacts on climate radiative forcing and health; – Bio-aerosol and its impacts on Vietnamese human health; – Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study: document arrangement and environmental monitoring plan; – Detail Engineering Inspector of Sewerage System and Waste Water Treatment Plant .

Geographic Mobility

Europe (France) – Asia (Vietnam, Thaïland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Hongkong, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and mainland China).