Peio Loubiere

PhD Student


2, boulevard Lucien Favre
64075 Pau Cedex

+33(0)559 059 086


École Internationale en Science du Traitement de l'Information (EISTI)

Current Scientific Activity


My research topic is optimization using metaheuristics. I am in my third year of PhD and I am currently working on swarm intelligence metaheuristics, applied to continuous optimization, coupled with sensitivity analysis methods to improve the optimum search. Aside my PhD, I am doing lectures on functional programming and NoSQL databases. These topics merge each other into actor programming, parallel computation, distributed data, etc. as cloud algorithms, easily tunable, deployable and scalable.

I am also interested in geo-referencing through problematics around powerfull APIs (such as Leaflet) and query language (as in mongodb).

Summary of Professional Achievments 

I had a master degree in applied mathematics in 2001. I joined an IT service company (Soprasteria) as a software ingeneer for four years. I worked for several projects around java, javaEE, Oracle database and web technologies in teams of 3 to 22 people.

After that, I joined EISTI in 2005 giving algorithmics and databases lectures. Two years ago it started a PhD around continuous optimization themes.

Mobility across Thematic Areas

Software Development – Relational and NoSQL databases – Cloud Computing – Functional programming – Optimization – Metaheuristics

Geographic Mobility

France – Italy – Belgium – Thailand – Vietnam