Rungruang Janta


Walailak University (WU)

222, Thaiburi, Tha Sala
80161, Nakhon Si Thammarat

+66(75)673000 Ext. 2385


Walailak University

Current Scientific Activity


My current research is monitoring NO2 from traffic area in Nakhon Si Thammart province. Since my researches are mostly related with traffic pollutant, then I would like to develop real-time emission inventory of air pollutant from transportation sector. It should be helpful for people who live in the city or near traffic area in term of health protection. Particularly CO2 which is emitted from vehicle combustion, is major pollutant related to climate change issue. This project are integration of data information including real-time traffic information, pollutant emission modelling of air pollutant, and meteorological condition as well as geographer which these data need to use cloud computing and application to data processor and present the result. However, it is now on the early step which I have to plan to collect those data and literature review for the most appropriate modelling.

Summary of Professional Achievments 

I graduated B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Biochemical technology (Faculty of Science), M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering (Faculty of Engineer) and Ph.D in Environmental Science program (Faculty of Science) at Chiang Mai University. My thesis during Ph.D study was using tree as bioaccumulator of heavy metal emitted from traffic and mapping air quality in Chiang Mai Province. In 2015, I got research fund from Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia (EANET), Japan to do research in the title of Influence of long-range transport on air quality in northern part of Southeast Asia during open burning season. It was using trajectory model to estimate the source of PM10, CO and ozone contributed in Chiang Mai during haze episode. In present work, I am a lecture in Environmental Science and Technology, Walailak University for 2 year. My courses are air pollution and application of air modelling. I am interest in air quality monitoring, health risk assessments from air pollution and integration with GIS for mapping air quality, apply of environmental modelling for air quality and climate change monitoring.