SOK Kimheng

Lecturer at Department of Information and Communication Engineering

PO Box 86, Russian Conf. Blvd.
Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
+855 (0)23 880 370


Institute of Technology of Cambodia

Current Scientific Activity


My current scientific activity is to develop a threshold multi-authority decentralized attribute-based authorization framework that allows each authority to have equal power to set joint access control on the shared data by using several technologies such as: Smart contracts of Blockchain technology, decentralized multi-authority attribute-based encryption.

Summary of Professional Achievments 

Holding a Master Degree from INSA de Rennes France in 2008, with 14 years acting as lecturer and researcher of Computer Science department at Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), currently pursue PhD degree at University of Namur in Belgium focusing on security, privacy in smart health system. During the professional career, I’ve got the 1st Prize using tech to create innovation idea in teaching and learning organized by USAID-COMET project and Intel company at Kasetsart Unviersity in Thailand. 1st Prize and Best performer of instructional designer for e-learning course development in CLMV countries. Become TOT for sharing instructional design. Publishes chapter in book and many scientific papers in international conferences.

Mobility across Thematic Areas

Privacy, Security, Blockchain, Access Control, Multi-authority attribute-based encryption

Geographic Mobility

Vietnam, Thailand, Belgium, France, United Kingdom