Suthira Thongkao


Walailak University (WU)

222, Thaiburi, Tha Sala
80161, Nakhon Si Thammarat

+66(75)673000 Ext. 2316, 2304, 4114


Walailak University

Current Scientific Activity


My current research have in common three major aspects: they take place in a transdisciplinary context; they assert the specificity of the geographer in the control of the spatial dimension at the crossroads of social (practices) and environmental (potentials); digital information (remote and in situ sensing, surveys…) and methods (data analysis, modeling, cloud computing…) are mobilized in an operational goal. In Spitsbergen and in the Pyrenees, in Madagascar and in Vietnam, the geographical diversity is exploited to consolidate the theoretical frame. The contemporary climate change, major work of industrialization, agricultural practices, health… are all cross-cutting themes we address through the landscape seen here as a revealer of complex system of dynamics that link man to its environment. Or is it the reverse?

The TORUS program I currently have responsibility (2015-2018, € 1 million, 50 researchers, Belgium-France-Italy-Thailand-Vietnam) rather accurately embodies my transdisciplinary scientific involvement between quantitative and IT Geosciences constantly evolving.

Summary of Professional Achievments 

I graduated B.Sc. of aquatic science and M.Sc. of Environmental management at Prince of Songkla University. My job in the past were research assistant (part of dynamic of water quality and plankton) of Songkhla lake project, computer system administration and EIA staff of Environmental management faculty. Now I am a lecturer of Environmental and Technology Science for 15 years at Walailak University, Thailand. I used to worked with GIZ, Thailand under The Ecosystem – based adaptation project last 3 years. I am interest in environmental Impact and risk assessments, climate change impact assessment (monitorin, evaluation, adaptation and mitigation), ecosystem-based measures and services for adaptation, ecosystem, environmental modelling, integration of GIS, remotely sensing and UAV.

Mobility across Thematic Areas

Watershed : Hydrology of gated and ungated basin – Landscape – Erosion
Ecosystem : Forest – Urban – Estuary – Mangrove – Seagrass – Coral reef – Carbon accumalation
GPS, GIS, RS and UAV : High resolution/precision aerial mapping system – Data analysis and spatial modelling – Big Data

Crisis : Diaster – Drougth – Flood – Land cover change – Factors vulnerability – Conservation

Geographic Mobility

Asia (Cambodia, China, Japan, Republic of China (Taiwan), Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand).