Thanh Binh Nguyen

Associate Professor - Dean of IT Faculty

University of Danang
University of Science and Technology

54 Nguyen Luong Bang,
Danang, Vietnam

+84 (0)914 74 79 74


University of Danang (UD)

Current Scientific Activity


My research activities include software engineering, software testing and software quality. Software is more and more complex and software quality requirement is more highly demanded. Testing is one of the vital activities to insure software quality. I am conducting a research team focusing on improving testing activities: formalizing testing process for multimodal interactive applications and developing the tool for automating the process; focusing on automatic generation test data for regression testing of synchronous applications, such as Lustre programs; applying mutation testing to different applications including Simulink models and Lustre programs in order to improving test data quality. Currently, I am also interested in improving test-driven development process, high order mutation testing, and testing mobile applications.

Summary of Professional Achievments 

I got my PhD from INP Grenoble in 2004. Since, I has been lecturer at the University of Danang – University of Science and Technology (DUT). In 2006, I was chief of Software Engineering Department, and since 2010, I has been dean of Information Technology Faculty at University of Science and Technology. Since 2013, I am associate professor of DUT. I am currently responsible for Information Technology major of PFIEV program at DUT in collaborating with Polytech Marseille and INP Grenoble. I am also collaborating with team CTSYS/LCIS in France to co-supervise PhD students and conduct joint projects in software testing.

Mobility across Thematic Areas

Software engineering − Software testing − Software quality − System analysis and design

Geographic Mobility

Vietnam, France (Marseille, Grenoble, Valence), USA (Portland), Singapore, Japan, Finland.