Lecturer - Researcher

Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU)

144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay
100000, Hanoi



Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU)

Current Scientific Activity


My current research is mainly on remote sensing, wireless sensor network, machine learning, spatial data mining and analysis, 3D Geographic Information System (3D GIS) and their applications on air pollution, land cover and land use change (LCLUC), and 3D city. I have been focusing on air pollutant mapping (such as Particulate Matter concentration – PM, carbon dioxide, methane) using multi satellite images (MODIS, VIIRS, LandSat, Gosat, Schiamachy,…), and their impacts on climate change, environment and human health. In addition, I am investigating wireless sensors network for air pollutant measurements enhanced at the local scale. The research activities on LCLUC are focusing on localized algorithms over specific study areas in Vietnam for biomass burning, land cover, urban, paddy rice, vessels …. In the 3D city direction, my target is modelling buildings and ground objects using automatic/semi-automatic techniques from multi-source datasets and development of large-scale 3D applications.

Summary of Professional Achievments 

I graduated from University of Ferrara, Italy with Ph.D degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at in 2012. I have been working as lecturer in Information Technology at University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU) since 2001. Moreover, I had experiened industry environment at Meteorological and Environmental Earth Observation (MEEO) s.r.l in Ferrara, Italy from 2009–2012, SISTEMA GmbH in Vienna, Austria in 2010 and NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories in Kanagawa, Japan from 2007-2008 in fields of remote sensing, air polltion and video processing. Since 2012, I have joined FIMO center, carried out research on air pollution in Vietnam. Currently, Air POllution Monitoring (APOM) system ( provides PM2.5 maps over Vietnam based on real-time MODIS and VIIRS satellite images. Together with FIMO, I have been working on other environmental and socio-economics issues in Vietnam and Asia such as forest/biomass burning, land cover/land use change, 3D city, wireless sensor network and GIS.

Mobility across Thematic Areas

Virtual reality (e-learning, 3D conversation agent, 3D city), Video/Image Processing (segmentation, recognition, skimming), Machine Learning (classification, clustering), Remote Sensing (optical and radar satellite images, aerosol, air pollution, forest fire, land cover, urban change, paddy rice, ship detection), Wireless Sensor Network (air pollution monitoring network), and GIS (air pollution and ship/harbor monitoring system)

Geographic Mobility

Vietnam – Japan – Italy – France