Truong Van Tran

Assistant Professor

Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU)

144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay
100000, Hanoi

+84 8 88 12 48 68


Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU)

Current Scientific Activity


Lecturer and researcher in Geography at Hanoi University of Science, VNU Hanoi since 2005.
I started my research activities working on landscape science, landscape ecology and environment in 2005 at Hanoi University of Science, VNU Hanoi. My interests have then progressively moved to spatial analysis and applications of GIS and remote sensing in landscape ecology and environment. In 2011, I started my PhD thesis at University of Toulouse II and worked with Dominique Laffly, I was absolutely fascinated to integrate remote sensing and socio-economic data to explore the complex interactions in coupled human-environment systems. Evidently, cloud computing and data mining can help us to handle big data sets related to natural environment and human development activities. Taking part in those new domains would change my mind and drive me into a new era of knowledge.

Summary of Professional Achievments 

Master of Science degree in Geography (Natural resources and environmental management) at Hanoi University of Science, VNU Hanoi in 2007. Ph.D in Géography et Aménagement (Geography and planning) at University of Toulouse II in 2016. Since 2005, I hold a permanent position as lecturer and researcher in Geography at Facilty of Geography, Hanoi University of Science. My lectures are Biogeography and landscape ecology, Environmental planning, Quantitative geography.
Since 2006, I participated in many projects focused on environmental planning, climate change, land use management and planning in various regions of Vietnam.

Mobility across Thematic Areas

Landscape Ecology, Spatial Analysis, Geostatistics, GIS and Remote Sensing for Spatial and Environmental Planing

Geographic Mobility

Europe (France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italia), Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, China)