Vanndy You

Lecturer and Deputy Head of Department of Information and Communication Engineering

Institute of Technology of Cambodia,

PO Box 86, Russian Conf. Blvd.
Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

+855 (0)98 90 15 11


Institute of Technology of Cambodia

Current Scientific Activity


My current research is mainly on cloud computing, visualization and high performance computing (HPC). However, as a computer science engineer, my initial core research was on Windows Server, Linux OS Server, CISCO and other networking devices. Postgraduate studies were conducted in School of Computer Sciences of Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) in India under the supervision of Mr. Sureshbabu K. C., Director R & D Engineering, VMware Software India Pvt. Ltd. I am also interested in data mining, especially, big data processing with the high performance computing. HPC technology are very useful to do simulation, calculation and process big data to obtain result. For two years, I have been lecturing widely of Cloud Computing subject at ITC including Engineering and Master’s Degree classes. Beside teaching schedule, I help administering ITC’s school information server and managing network in GIC department. Beyond above details, I have high experience in system and network administration for many years.

Summary of Professional Achievments 

I won many competitions including a fully funded scholarship to do my Master’s degree in Computer Science in India. While I was doing my degree there, at MGU, I was awarded Certificate of Excellence by Indian First Cloud Computing Championship (IFC3) as the zonal winner. The final project of my Master’s Degree was titled Cloud Computing Based on Linux Server. In parallel with the achievements of Cloud Computing, earlier 2017 I was granted Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Scholarship Program to do my research in Virtualization Technology and High Performance Computing at the University of Namur in Belgium. In August 2017, I led a group of students to join Asian Meji University conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Recently, I have joined Sakura Science Exchange Program under the supervision of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) to do research study in Tokyo and Hokkaido, Japan. My current positions at ITC are Deputy Head of Department, researcher and lecturer.

Mobility across Thematic Areas

Cloud computing, high performance computing, virtualization, MS Windows Server, Linux OS Server, CISCO, ISA, TMG, IP Cop, IP Fire, Smooth Wall, MikroTik, VMWare VSphere, Hacking, Router ADSL, Broadband, AP, AirPort Extreme, UniFi, CCTV Camera Security.

Geographic Mobility

Europe (Belgium) – Asia (Thailand, Japan, Malaysia and India)