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Vuong Khanh Toan

Master Architect - Urban Planner

Urban management faculty
Hanoi Architectural University

Hanoi, Vietnam

+84(0) 24 38542073


Hanoi Architectural University (HAU)

Current Scientific Activity


  • Referent lecturer, Scientific coordinator of the francophone formation of Landscape-Architeture (FAP) – Supported by the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) in partnership with France: ENSA de Normandie, ENSAP de Bordeaux, ENSA de Toulouse
  • Lecturer of the Management of Planning, Architecture and Construction Division, Urban management faculty, Hanoi achitectural university, responsible of Course Management of urban planning, Management of rural planning, Law of construction, Urban sociology.
  • Member of the Architectural Association of Vietnam

Summary of Professional Achievments 

In 2012, I received my Master in Sustainable urban planning at IUAR-Aix Marseille 3 University. I have worked as lecturer in Urban Management at Hanoi Architectural University (HAU) since 2013.

Mobility across Thematic Areas

Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban design, Urban management, Architecture, Heritage

Geographic Mobility

Europe (France, Poland, Austria, Spain); Asia (Japan, Korea, Singapore, Lao PDR, Thailand); Australia (Melbourne).